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CHN Energy adjusts up Feb term contract coal prices, sources

2020-02-11 17:30:19 Company,  Price,  Thermal Coal

China's top coal producer CHN Energy, usually called Shenhua by Chinese coal industry insiders, increased its monthly contract therma。。。

China, Russia to assess prospects of laying gas pipeline via Mongolia

2020-02-11 17:13:53 akipress。com

China and Russia continued negotiations on the ''western route'' of gas supplies to China (Power of Siberia 2), sources reported rece...

Iron ore, coking coal shrug off China coronavirus, look to stimulus

2020-02-11 17:09:59 Viewpoint

It may seem slightly odd to ask if a commodity that has shed 15% of its value in a little over two weeks has actually fallen enough, 。。。

Datong Coal Mine ramps up daily coal shipment to virus-hit regions

2020-02-11 17:05:41 Company

Datong Coal Mine Group, a state-owned coal producer in northern China's Shanxi province, is cranking up daily coal shipments to serio...

Structurally cheaper LNG should displace coal from Japan, and broader Asia

2020-02-11 17:01:28 General,  Price,  International

The collapse in the spot price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia is a short-term phenomenon that may well end up having a longer...

China enters fast track to reshape power market

2020-02-11 16:35:19 Viewpoint

极速3D彩票平台China has entered a fast track in deeply transforming domestic power market since December last year, heralding a brighter future for。。。

China Coal Daily Track (Feb 11)

2020-02-11 16:12:04 Price sxcoal。com

Thermal coal Production area Coal mines reported slow production recovery as many workers from other regions faced difficul。。。

Mongolia shuts freight through border crossings on coronavirus fears

2020-02-11 15:56:16 Ports,  Coking Coal sxcoal。com

Mongolia on February 9 announced to temporarily shut down road freight via border crossings with China on fears of the novel coronavi...

China's Ordos city sees 62 coal mines in operation

2020-02-11 15:35:18 Production & Sales

Ordos city in northern China's Inner Mongolia saw 62 coal mines resume production currently, with annual capacity combined at 340 mil...

Newcastle Jan coal exports to China down 38.63% MoM

2020-02-11 14:39:01 Import & Export,  International

Coal exports to China from two terminals, Carrington and Kooragang, at Newcastle port of Australia declined by 38。63% month on month 。。。

China Thermal Coal Market Analysis and Forecast (Feb 2020)

2020-02-11 14:18:10 Price sxcoal。com

China's thermal coal market posted an overall uptrend in January, largely supported by production disruptions at mines ahead of the L。。。

China stainless steel production dropped 13.1% in Jan

2020-02-11 13:42:00 Production & Sales

China produced 2。09 million tonnes of stainless steel in January, down 13。06% from a month ago but up 4。8% from a year ago。 。。。

Valin Steel Jan steel products output rises 15.9% on yr

2020-02-11 13:25:05 Company,  Production & Sales sxcoal。com

极速3D彩票平台Hunan Valin Steel Co., Ltd, one state-owned company of China, registered a 15.9% year-on-year increase in steel products output in Ja...

极速3D彩票平台China met coke market creaks amid weak steel outlook

2020-02-11 11:49:31 Viewpoint,  Price

China's metallurgical coke market is under growing pressure, as pilling steel product stocks at both steel mills and social warehouse。。。

China coking coal supply sinks amid mines' slow resumption

2020-02-11 11:47:21 Price,  Coking Coal

Coking coal supply kept sinking in China's main production areas on February 10, due mainly to slow production resumption at many min。。。

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1 CHN Energy adjusts up Feb term contract coal prices, sources 2020-02-11

China's top coal producer CHN Energy, usually called Shenhua by Chinese coal industry insiders, increased its monthly contract thermal coal prices for February shipments, sources said。 Th

2 China Coal Daily Track (Feb 11) 2020-02-11

Thermal coal Production area Coal mines reported slow production recovery as many workers from other regions faced difficulties in returning and some mines will wait for one week before resu

3 Mongolia shuts freight through border crossings on coronavirus fears 2020-02-11

极速3D彩票平台 Mongolia on February 9 announced to temporarily shut down road freight via border crossings with China on fears of the novel coronavirus epidemic, Mongolian media reported. The movement c

4 China's transport curbs add to thermal coal supply woes at N ports 2020-02-11

Transport curbs that were imposed by some provinces to avert virus spread are adding to thermal coal supply woes at northern China ports, raising upbeat prospects for further price rises in the follow

5 Indonesian thermal coal solid on robust Chinese demand 2020-02-11

Indonesian thermal coal prices maintained an upward pace in the Chinese seaborne import market, as Chinese utilities released firm demand amid domestic supply woe caused by the ongoing coronavirus out

6 Chinese key steel mills report 0.92% daily output rise in late-Jan, CISA 2020-02-11

Average daily crude steel output of key steel mills as members with the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) grew 0。92% from ten days ago in late-January, CISA data showed。 Over Januar

7 China's coal output further concentrated in key production areas 2020-02-11

China's raw coal output is more concentrated in northern production areas in 2019, as a result of efforts on optimizing industrial structures and phasing out outdated capacity, underscoring the status

8 Gladstone Jan coal exports to China hits 6-mth high 2020-02-11

Gladstone port in Australia saw coal exports to China rise to a half-year high in January, data from Gladstone Ports Corporation showed。 The coal hub exported 1。42 million tonnes of coal

9 极速3D彩票平台Weekly China met. coke market analysis and forecast 2020-02-11

China's metallurgical coke market maintained stable during the first week after the Spring Festival holidays. Impacted by the virus outbreak, both supply and demand were weak in the market. Due to

10 China's 2020 natgas demand may not take a great hit from virus effect 2020-02-11

China's natural gas demand growth is less likely to be weighed down by coronavirus-interrupted activities in many sectors in the full-year of 2020, said experts, despite certain hurts on first quarter

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1 China to maintain steady coal supply during coronavirus 2020-02-03

China aims to stabilize coal supply during the epidemic period, and will prioritize dispatches to key virus-hit areas mainly in Wuhan of Hubei province in central part of the country, the Northeast pr

2 Shandong only sees 16.7% of coal mines resume operations 2020-02-07

Shandong, a major energy province in eastern China, only saw 16.7% of total coal mines resume operations after the Spring Festival holidays, affected mainly by escalating coronavirus across the countr

3 China 2019 thermal coal imports up 2.01% on yr 2020-02-03

China's thermal coal (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, but lignite excluded) imports totaled 115.43 million tonnes in 2019, a 2.01% increase compared with 2018 level, the latest data show

4 China to halve tariffs on some U.S. imports following Phase 1 deal 2020-02-06

China said on February 6 it will halve additional tariffs levied against 1,717 products imported from the United States last year, following the signing of a Phase 1 trade deal that brought a truce to

5 极速3D彩票平台Virus-hit Hubei has abundant power coal stocks 2020-02-07

Power coal stocks have been maintained at a healthy level in central China's Hubei province, the epicenter of the wide-spread coronavirus, where fight against the epidemic is in full swing。

6 China's coking coal imports up 14% in 2019 despite Dec's dive 2020-02-03

极速3D彩票平台 China's coking coal imports climbed by 14% from a year ago to 74.5 million tonnes in 2019, despite a sharp decline of imports in December last year. The country only imported 1.7 million

7 Mine delays in China are buttressing beleaguered coal bulls 2020-02-07

Disruptions to coal mining in China because of the coronavirus are giving the coal market a rare cause for bullishness。 For the past five months, Asian seaborne prices have been hovering

8 Virus fears prompt shipping restrictions on vessels from China 2020-02-05

Vessels coming from China are in focus as nations take steps to halt the spread of a deadly coronavirus that originated in the world's second-biggest economy。 Here's a roundup of

9 China major railway goes all-out to secure power coal supply 2020-02-06

Shuohuang railway, the second largest rail artery in China for west-to-east coal transport, has been stepping up coal delivery to help secure supply to power plants amid the battle against the novel c

10 Japan 2019 coking coal imports dip 0.22% on yr 2020-02-05

Japan's coking coal imports posted a slight drop of 0.22% from the preceding year in 2019, Japan official data showed. For more details, please visit: http://www.sxcoal.c

Most Read Analysis & Comments

1 Indonesian low-CV thermal coal heads for 7-mth high on supply crunch 2020-02-07

FOB price of Indonesian low-calorific value thermal coal is heading for a seven-month high in Chinese import market, along with revived demand from Chinese utilities as domestic supply and transport w

2 Supply tightness shores up thermal coal prices at China ports 2020-02-04

Chinese domestic thermal coal market saw a bright start after the Spring Festival holidays, backed by supply tension over the outbreak of the novel coronavirus。 On February 3, Fenwei CCI

3 Qinhuangdao port coal stocks fall to record low amid supply woe 2020-02-04

极速3D彩票平台 Coal stock of China's largest north-to-south transfer port Qinhuangdao plummeted to a multi-year low, as inbound shipments were constrained over the Spring Festival holidays that were extended by the

4 Australian thermal coal miners raise offers to Chinese buyers 2020-02-05

Australian miners generally raised offer prices of thermal coal to Chinese buyers shortly after Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, encouraged mainly by increased demand from power plants and a lack of d

5 Indonesian thermal coal hovers higher in Chinese import market 2020-02-06

Prices of Indonesian thermal coal picked up in Chinese seaborne import market, as local rainfalls continued constraining supply to the world's largest coal consumer while part of the end users look to

6 China's portside thermal coal in shortage on production, transport disruption 2020-02-06

Supply of thermal coal to China's northern transfer ports remained tight, traders said, as miners and trucks were still absent under strict controls of the novel virus. While the governme

7 Coal burns of China's coastal utilities fall to record low amid weak industrial activity 2020-02-07

Coal consumption of China's major coastal power groups has fallen to a record low as industrial activity was heavily disrupted by the Wuhan virus outbreak. Data from showed dai

8 An overview of Chinese coal imports in Dec 2020-02-06

China's coal imports in December slumped to the lowest level since 2014 at least, mainly as the country tightened control of customs clearance to rein in the whole-year import of foreign cargoes。

9 Qinhuangdao coal prices continue to rise on supply woe 2020-02-05

Chinese thermal coal prices continued to move up at Qinhuangdao and other northern transfer ports, as supply tension seems not to be eased soon under the pressure of the virus epidemic. B

10 China's spot coal market may revive in Feb 2020-02-03

极速3D彩票平台 China's coastal spot coal market is about to resuscitate in February, with both supply and demand expected to firm up when the rampant spread of coronavirus is hoped to die down all over the nation la

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